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Apply online and complete the registration form. The registration fee is JMD 25,1202500 JMD or 20 USD. Payments can be made online or in the office.
We offer three (3) placement options Skype/JobFair and Full placement. If you are a first-timer the placement option is recommended. The agency is responsible for providing a list of employers/jobs for the applicant to choose from. Independent option allows applicants to source their own employer, housing, etc without the assistance of the local agency. The cost for each option differs, please contact us or download the brochure to confirm the cost.
No, we do not.
The program generally lasts for a maximum of four (4) months for Jamaican applicants. The dates are determined by the students’ institution’s vacation dates, which will be indicated on the DS-2019 form.
The stipulated time for Jamaica applicants is no earlier or later than May 5th- September 7th.
We will try our best to help you source housing. Fortunately, some placement employers do offer to house.
Yes! The program does not prohibit a participant from accepting a second job. However, please note that your primary job takes precedence, ensure that you follow the proper procedures to verify your new employer with the sponsor.
No! You must be a citizen and resident of Jamaica to apply with our agency.
Please download the brochure to see all fees.
Yes. The program was designed for cultural exchange within the United States of America.
No. You must have full-time status and currently pursuing at least twelve (12) credits per semester.
The DS2019 form is simply the work permit. It has pertinent information such as the program start and end dates indicate when you may begin work and when you must stop working.
Program fee MUST be paid in USD. Payments can be made to any National Commercial Bank or via Paypal. Branch: Matilda’s Corner Account Number: 374-327-631 Registration, orientation and embassy fees MUST be paid in JMD. Payments can be made to any National Commercial Bank. Branch: Matilda’s Corner Account number: 374-327-615
Yes. It is mandatory for all J1 participants to complete orientation with our agency.